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Jan. 3rd, 2005


friends only

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comment to be added : and if you don't have an lj name, make one!

Jan. 1st, 2005


surprising news

oh my goodness...did this just happen?
Apparantly, Brian Littrell, from the Backstreet Boys is signing on his solo career as a Christian artist, with Michael W. Smith's record label, Reunion Records. read more

and how in the world did texas win by 1 point, 1 yard and 2 seconds? Oh well.
yay tostitos bowl (mmm, chips)

but in happier news, the song I wanted got #1 for the year 2004 in 103.5's top 103 countdown. Well, of the 3 top songs I could vote for. I'd really have loved Matthew West or Bethany Dillon to win. Or Switchfoot, but WMUZ doesn't understand that it's ok to play SF.

I'm really bored, I think I might go to bed soon. And I'm tired, but that's my own beautiful fault. It was worth it to stay up 3 hours to have a 3.5 minute phone conversation though. lol...

Oh I know what I can do!
Go spend some quality time with God!
(yay, resolution)

i miss yall. a lot.

p.s. last year I thought 2004 was gonna suck. but just kidding! I think it did better than 2003! Even though I had 2 bouts with depression, that was still better than my heart being smashed.

alright, so here's the deal

first of all, I re-did my journal again. 2005.a
do ya like it?
there's reason behind itCollapse )
So then there's this whole romance thingCollapse ). I just really am excited to see what God has planned to write my love story. Only thing is, sometimes, I just want it now!
I think I'll just leave you with my resolutionsCollapse )

Well, happy 2005 to everyone - I pray that this year brings good to everyone! (and that any bad just makes us stronger.)

Dec. 30th, 2004


better than the look for less

i haven't updated for a while. For me, at least. I guess there hasn't really been much to say... *shrug* because I've been having a swell time doing stuff away from the computer!
actually not really away from the computer. i've been using photshop a lot lately. (go see my album: @)
teaser"Collapse )
you can take some if you want, but let me know, and save it to your computer to use it. :)

i went shopping today and yesterday. yesterday my mom bought the most gorgeous purple dress ever. it's so sweet! i got some new pink pjs, trading in my christmas ones that were too small.
but today was even more wonderful.
I got a pair of new jeans (absolutely needed them!) for 3 dollars.
THREE DOLLARS!! wow. yeah, that rocks.

that's all.
have fun!

Dec. 25th, 2004


Merry Christmas, kiddos!!

Well, a merry Christmas it is. Sure, so technically a lot of stuff could be better...but it's good enough for me!!
I mean...I didn't get a cell phone, but I wasn't expecting to.
my only real loss is that I didn't get the Luther movie!!!! noooo!! *weeps mournfully*

so back to happy
I got some sweet stuff. Some sweet pjs and this really awesome purple zip sweater - that confuses me cuz it zips on the opposite side than i'm used to.
I got a random Beach Boys cd...I think that's all the media I got
but my family got a surround sound stereo system that is pretty awesome; too bad I can't steal it and take it to school.
I got random stuff for my car - my parents decided it was cooler to get the stuff to fix my car, rather than the cell phone to bail myself out ;) But my little brother got me a Jesus fish sticker for Burt!!! yahooo!
I got yarn and knitting stuff and then my mom gave me half her plethora of kitting needles - that she got some of from Gma Joi's stash last weekend.
I feel like i'm being too wordy. Oh well, this is my journal!!
oo and a gift card to Kohl's! saweeeetness!

wow, I'm tired.

So this last week was fun. I went to the mall with Rachel. Sorta. and Wednesday I saw the Incredibles with Dan and Heather. I spent the night at her house...but didn't get to bed till 3 am, because we drove to Kalamazoo to pick up her siste.r. We drove home during the storm. That was tres fun. oh yeah.
I helped the Jones's pick out their Christmas tree. Oh, I didn't help, I just came along and got cold ;)
Shannon and Becky and Sarah and I didn't hang out, because of the snow. But probably we'll see each other tomorrow. Which reminds me...I have to go call Shannon. See yall lata!

Dec. 21st, 2004


i'd be bored, but now i'm talking to Heather :)

so not needing to be on the internet has gone away. And I found how to be restless at home again. But there's good reason for both of those. Actually, they're maybe really bad reasons, but still, they're reasons.
because I emailed adam and I really want him to reply....is that so bad???
and the day is getting really long because i've been doing nothing for so long. I watched way too much tv, but finished Danielle's scarf and worked on Jessica's.
So now that i've done nothing all day, it felt like 10 at 8...and i wanted to go to bed. I decided not to though. way too early!

I think Adam should not wait for me to call him though and do it. or I should get over myself. But i like the first idea better, because I dont' really have anything to talk about...

really...i should just go to bed. before I drive myself nutty with my insanity....(if that makes any sense)

*crazy sounds*

Dec. 15th, 2004


what??? lol

mindless quizzesCollapse )

Dec. 14th, 2004


careful, I might become a posting fool!

surveysCollapse ), because I d o n ' t have anything better to do with my time....

"I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me"

oh the wonders

Well, that was nice.
I finally got my Philosophy paper emailed...I still need to go print it out to turn it in, but that's ok.
I just have a paper and my greek test left. and my jury (which I'm super psyched for!!). I have to baby-sit in the mornings the next 3 days, but that will be alright.
My Old Testament final was pretty wonderful. I finished in a half hour, becuase I can't write slow. I just left one blank. So yeah, 99%? That sounds good. lol. Man, that was such a good class, even though there was a ton of work for it, and I was rarely prepared.
I'm listening to Concordia Choir right now. It's pretty spiffy, except that the accompaniament is hurting my ears.

So...the danceCollapse )

I've been watching a lot of movies lately. Good, good times. *shrug* I haven't seen a lot and Adam keeps inviting me over. What's a girl to do? ;)
We were watching the Patriot last night, which was excellent, but I had to leave to finish my paper. So hopefully I can see the end of that sometime. As well as the beginning of the Terminal..cuz, heck, why not?

what am I even writing about?

Well, I think I may go type random stuff for Frost's paper now.
I hope yall have a splendid day. ;D

"take me, take me to higher ground"

Dec. 10th, 2004


a post about life

Jesus is the ReasonCollapse )

and being me, I redid my journal for the Christmas season instead of translating greek yesterday. (cuz that helped my situation...)
But check it out. Be happy.

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